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Jan 19, 2017

Episode 53 "How are ya now?" Television and Technology This episode of the show features creator and star of the hit Canadian show LetterKenny Jared Keeso who is joined by Catherine Faas and Chris Doyle to talk about Television and how technology has become a game changer over the years with streaming. Jared talks about how Letterkenny got started and the panel also discusses what they want to see in 2017 digital media wise. Panel Jared Keeso (Letterkenny) Chris Doyle (Twitter Canada) Catherine Faas (NHLPA) ***This episode of Popternative was brought to you by Grit Inc*** Delivering innovation in sports gear management for the athlete. The world's best Hockey and Baseball Bags. A Canadian design co. with worldwide distribution. The FLEX Hockey tower is one of the most flexible hockey bags in the market. It features our Torsion Technology™ composite frame which reduces the bag weight by almost four pounds and allows flexibility, better ventilation, and improved shelving system for quicker air drying. It’s also a hybrid bag - you have the option to carry or wheel it. Here are links to our US and Canadian retailers: • • Grit Inc. Website: • All Grit Inc’s social media handles: • @gritinc Introduction and closing voice over provided by Dylan Black Listen to the show: Itunes: Soundcloud: Follow The Host and show on Twitter: Like PopTernative on Facebook: